The generation of 91 spectrum started with an easy strategy

The founder of the web site, Wang Han, identified that lots of college students chose tonal singing which was not appropriate for their particular variety because of the restrictions on the scores themselves. This has led lots of gamers for being unable to Enjoy their ideal-sounding variety, So extending The essential notion of translating music that is a snap to Engage in.

On January 1, 2016, the hippocampus ninety one spectrum was officially launched, and also a audio score Web page With all the concept of transposition as the leading axis was born. The website uses Wang Han's individual guitar educating and playing practical experience, and extensively gathers the Thoughts and views of many singing teams to deliver together the current. Every of your 91 scores can reply to the singer's ought to play, promptly change concerning twelve tonality, and use the Capo to 吉他譜Guitar spectrum lessen the learning problem and make the Engage in more considerable. The scores are accompanied by an instant transfer fingering desk and easy-to-look through typesetting, which makes the actively playing method smoother, and collects the favourite scores In accordance with personal Choices, and creates a committed private tunes library. There's also lots of personalized capabilities which are ready for everyone to acquire and use.

To be able to maintain the essence of songs from the Chinese-speaking place since the period of folk tracks, the hippocampus workforce has become working to make a superior consumer working experience and to supply people with the very best scores for enjoying. There are still a lot of shortcomings during the 91 spectrum, and a lot of uncompleted functions even now require Absolutely everyone to help make attempts to further improve. We will keep on to work flat out to give you an even better music knowledge. Please also give us help and encouragement to our powder, or sign up for the deep sea community to engage in our investigate and advancement method and grow with us.

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